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Summer Projects

If you want to learn more about Code Crew summer camp then go to CodeCrew.org and we hope to see you next summer!

Video Game Development

I like Video Game Development because I got to make an endless runner game. I also made my character and brought him into the game. I got to control the character while the screen moves.Its very fun once you get used to it because we did it Monday through Thursday and I got used to it on Wednesday.


I liked working with the Spheros because they were very fun to use and we were able to make them drive around everywhere by using bluetooth. Though it required a butload of code it was still fun to do and one thing I liked about the Spheros is that once you connect them there is a panel that lets you change the Spheros color, direction, and speed.Another thing i liked about the Spheros are that they had a blue light and if it pointed at you it would go the right way instead of the wrong way.


Arduinos was one of my least favorite thing i did in Code Crew because my fingers hurt sometimes because of all the typing and all the thingss we had to use to make LED lights turn on.It was very hard to catch up because the person that was teaching this to us was typing, talking and moving on to fast so it was hard to catch up.To be honest Arduinos was very challenging and I dont think i would want to do it again.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps was probably the easiest out of every on this list because we got to do some text to speech in thunkable and we made games in RPG Playground.My favorite thing between the two is RPG Playground because you get to make your own land and explore different other games on RPG Playground. thunkable isnt my favorite but it is still good because there many things to do on there such making a clicker, and text to speech so thunkable and RPG Playground are both good mobile apps to me.

Web Development

Web Development is also one of my least favorites because of all the time it takes for me to type and process what to type when im getting told what were doing and what were going to type